Rural Houses in Gironès

Enjoy the rural houses associated with Rural Tourism Girona in Gironès, a county with many scenic, historic, cultural and gastronomic attractions. Here we will outline a few, so you can discover them in depth when you visit.

Of the landscape, we highlight the volcanic area of Llémena i Adri, the plains of Llagostera, the river areas of the Ter and the Onyar, and the massif of Les Gavarres. Here and there, you can enjoy these scenes doing MTB, kayaking, walking routes, etc., also passing through charming villages such as MadremanyaSant Martí Vell and many others.

Regarding the history, we go back to the times of the Ibers, the first settlers of what is today the city of Girona. Greeks and Romans also left their mark, but these mainly come from the Mediaeval period. The old district, for example, with the magnificent Jewish quarter, is an obligatory stop. Culture appears in every corner of the county, with the fairs and markets, the festivals and traditions of each village. Regarding gastronomy, good cheese, delicious cold meats and many suggestions for enjoying a cuisine that combines large doses of tradition and creativity.

Staying at our rural houses is an excellent option to enjoy the area to the max. You can enjoy the villages, and the natural and rural settings. As well as discovering ancient towns, idyllic beaches and coves on the Costa Brava, Mediaeval villages, lush forests, nature parks, valleys and snowy mountains in the Pyrenees, at the same time, you will feel at home. The RTG rural houses are ideal for spending time with your family, your partner or with friends. Rest, enjoy the house facilities, such as the barbecue, pool or garden, among others; taste local and 0 km produce, and be welcomed by our owners who will make you feel at home, and who will make your stay unforgettable.

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