Rural Houses in La Garrotxa

Enjoy the rural houses associated with Rural Tourism Girona in La Garrotxa, a county with a great collection of natural treasures and, no doubt, its most precious jewel is the La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. It is an immense landscape, covering 12,000 hectares with more than forty volcanoes hidden among the vegetation.

Visiting it in any season is magical, as the colours change from one season to another. In Alta Garrotxa, there are beautiful, tranquil places high up in the mountains, such as Oix or Beuda, for example. The area is well-deserving of its Place of Natural Interest declaration and is part of the Natura 2000 Network, a European initiative to protect unique natural places and make the protection of natural habitats and species compatible with the human activity performed there. To the south of the county, the land flattens out but continues to show all of its charm, such as the aforementioned volcanic area and the rural spots such as Les Preses or settings for enjoying nature, such as the En Bas valley. It is worth visiting the capital city, Olot, dynamic, vital and rich in cultural heritage. On the other hand, there are small towns that are always found in the tourist guides, such as Castellfollit de la RocaSanta Pau and Besalú.

Staying at our rural houses is an excellent option to enjoy the area to the max. You can enjoy the villages, and the natural and rural settings. As well as discovering ancient towns, idyllic beaches and coves on the Costa Brava, Mediaeval villages, lush forests, nature parks, valleys and snowy mountains in the Pyrenees, at the same time, you will feel at home. The RTG rural houses are ideal for spending time with your family, your partner or with friends. Rest, enjoy the house facilities, such as the barbecue, pool or garden, among others; taste local and 0 km produce, and be welcomed by our owners who will make you feel at home, and who will make your stay unforgettable.

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